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Once Upon a Time...

Ariana Strings unofficially began in 2012. I started performing for weddings for other companies when I was a music conservatory student. They were a disaster! So, I decided to try my hand at it as a soloist. Couples began asking me more music choices and ensembles (like duets, trios, and quartets). Next thing I knew, I had performed for hundreds of weddings, created a huge music library filled with everything from Beethoven to The Beatles, and cultivated a formal award-winning company with an incredible team of musicians. 


Fun fact: I didn't mean to name my company after myself. My last name is quite tricky to spell and so many people listed Ariana Strings on wedding programs that I just went with it! 


About Ariana 

ah-ree-ah-na  Origin: Greek Ἀριάδνη meaning "most holy/pure", because why settle for regular holiness when you can level up

I've been performing for weddings and private events for over 15 years and each wedding season, I fall more and more in love. As a professional violinist and vocalist, I am lucky to have a flourishing career performing in Connecticut's incredible symphony, theater, and classical music scene. Performing for special events is a wonderful creative outlet, allowing me to bring my art to new audiences, meet wonderful people, and to jam with the greatest musicians around. 

I love weddings because I know exactly what to do and how to help (I'm right on track as an Enneagram 2) Away from my music stand, I'm a wife and puppy mom, world traveler, and theater geek. I travel a lot (23 countries and counting), so ask me for recommendations before you book your honeymoon! I have an ear for accents and languages, and speak a few well enough to get in trouble when I travel. I love Broadway musicals so much that I star in shows as well as write theater reviews for I'm a Bravo-holic and I'm currently binging Southern Charm, Winter House, and RHONY/RHYOBH. 

Credit: Michelle Carpenter Photography


Our Groups

The Ariana Strings team is incredibly versatile. We offer 15+ different wedding ensembles, who perform everything from classical to pop music favorites. Choose from Electric, Amplified, or Acoustic to fit the size and space of your event beautifully. Click a group title to learn more and hear our demos

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Large Ensembles
4-14+ Players

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Smaller Ensembles
1-3 Players


Custom Ensembles

Like every love story, every wedding is unique. That's why we offer bespoke ensembles tailored to your needs. Let us create a personalized musical experience just for you.

We are the music makers...

Ariana Strings players are active professionals in the classical music industry: All conservatory-trained musicians who perform in Connecticut's most prominent symphonies, chamber ensembles, operas, and musical theater & ballet orchestras. We provide the absolute highest level of professionalism when we bring the concert stage to your wedding day. 

Performing in over 60 weddings per year together, we have a unique, blended style and work together as a perfect unit. We genuinely care about our couples and go above and beyond to make sure your day is everything you've envisioned. 

You'll often see us playing in groups of 2, 3, and 4, but there are actually 20 musicians on our team  including core players and guest artists. 


For Our Couples

It is our mission to provide a high quality, musical experience for all couples by bringing the concert stage to your wedding day. It is our core belief that all loving couples deserve to have musicians that are committed to excellence and who are dedicated to making their wedding dreams a reality. 

For the Artists

It is our mission to support all classical musicians by providing quality work that serves as a creative outlet which values and respects their time, talents, and commitment to their craft; and to provide an abundance of fulfilling work so they are able to continue to build a flourishing career in the arts industry.

Love Notes

Christina & Frank ceremony-85.jpg
"We booked a cello and violinist for our wedding, and Ariana & her team were absolutely perfect for our Aria wedding! Ariana is funny, sweet, attentive, and extremely talented! She kept it laid back and fun to pick the music, but was extremely timely and made sure she checked in on a regular basis throughout the planning process.
I didn't have to worry about a thing! I can't thank her and her team enough for a beautiful start to our day! <3"

Michelle, Bride

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