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The little details that make a huge impact

The little details are often afterthoughts, but we know how important that they are, so we have you totally covered. 


Share your love story

Ceremony Sound

Your friends and family want to hear your love story and the best way to do so is to have a great ceremony sound system.


Our Bose system ensures high-quality sound that is true to life, without altering the sound of your voice. Plus, we have battery-powered options, perfect for your outdoor ceremony.

We include professional quality microphones to ensure that there's no need to worry about sudden interruptions with off-putting, high-pitched feedback. 

Did you know videographers LOVE our sound system? Our audio is clear because it comes straight from the source with no distortion, so many videographers ask to plug in to our speaker to use our audio for your video. Now that's teamwork

Photo credit: Heather Renee Weddings


You've hired professional musicians for your wedding day and definitely want to be able to hear them! While our acoustic groups are heard well under most circumstances, there are larger events and spaces which benefit from the added boost. 

After years of testing, we have 2 amazing options: Choose from top-of-the-line electric instruments (that sound acoustic!) or acoustic instruments fitted with specialty pick-ups.


We perform on professional quality instruments designed for concert halls, which have unique acoustics. Traditional microphones and lavalier clip-ons are not designed for strings and can take away our warmth, sound scratchy and harsh (think nails on a chalkboard), and detract from the music. 

What does it all mean? Our sound will be louder, but not harsher. We've invested in top-of-the-line equipment so the warmth and velvety tone you love will still be there! 

Please note: We do not utilize other DJs or venues' sound systems. We are unable to control the quality of others' equipment (We've even seen one's system short out entirely!) We only have one chance to get it right for your wedding day, so we bring our best equipment, which is properly maintained and tested for every event. 

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